It is pointless to carry out all restoration work until you are fairly confident that the floods have gone.
However, do carry out any immediate work to make the structure safe and to prevent any further water damage. Continue to monitor the weather and flood warnings
After a flood, HWT will clean and disinfect everything that has potentially come into contact with the floodwaters before using them, to avoid potential infections or other illnesses,
  Drying out

 Standing water should be removed with pumps that HWT will suply, followed by a wet /dry vacuum to clean up any remaining water.

HWT will take care of pumping out of properties, once floodwaters are beginning to subside.

It is important not to leave basements, & any areas under suspended floors full of water, we will make sure all water is removed by making inspection hatches were required, any water not removed will become stagnent and cause later problems. 



Do not heat your home to more than 4 ºC (about 40ºF) until all the water is removed

Once you have pumped out all the standing water you can begin to dry your property out

Ideally buildings should be dried out by the central heating system after all water is removed, where possible, with the thermostat at 22°C or above. HWT use industrial heaters, fans and dehumidifiers to aid the process


HWT will determine whether a building has dried out or not by using a meter, a lack of condensation will also indicate that a building has dried out. The length of time that a building takes to dry out is extremely variable and will be affected by a number of factors, including the severity of the flood and the type and thickness of the building materials that have been in contact with the flood waters. You should be prepared for the process to take months rather than weeks in the case of acute flooding.

Chimneys should be dried out carefully, starting with only small fires before moving on to larger ones, in order to avoid expansion of water to steam (and therefore damage) within the structure.


Before you commence repairs to your property it is important to consider the following points.


Following a flood contact your insurance broker or company as soon as possible to begin your claim. You should check with your insurance company what is covered by your household/building policy and enquire whether it covers "extra" costs, such as costs of temporary accommodation, drying apparatus, and electricity/gas inspections. Do not throw anything away or undertake work until you have made contact with your insurance broker or company as it may prejudice your claim and before moving/repairing anything take photographs or video footage of all damage if possible and mark the water levels on the walls for the reference of the insurers.

Damage caused by flooding will generally be beyond the capability of the individual householder or small businessperson to clear up and repair on their own. Do not attempt work that is beyond your capabilities. The services of HWT specialist trades such as plasterers, carpenters, electricians and plumbers will probably be needed.

Your insurance company, often in conjunction with a loss adjuster, you may be asked to contact HWT yourself and obtain a quote for work required and seek approval from the insurance company before building work can begin. If you are not insured then you will need to choose a builder yourself and HWT will strive to help you at this most disstressing time.

We will normally be able to let you know what work will be needed to restore your property and how much it will cost. However, if there is structural damage then we can call upon the services of professional engineer or surveyor.

We will not carry out any works without you having a full writen quotation to satisfy the insurance company also, we will take pictures of all damage and repair works throughout the job.

If you will be making an insurance claim, do not dispose of anything until you have been told that you may. If in doubt, take photographs of damaged items.


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