All quotes are free of charge. Once a member of our team has visited your property we will provide you with a quote by email or by post, and we can even quote onsite depending on the size and complexity of the works.

If you accept the quote, we will arrange a time to start the work

No misunderstandings

For the best possible results and to ensure the smooth running of your project, quotations will always be given in writing and clearly outline all the work included in the price.

There are no hidden charges.  

If we have agreed a fixed price for the job, and whilst doing the work you ask us to do something extra, we will agree with you the cost of the extra work before we start it.  That way there are no surprise costs and you are kept fully informed.

All prices quoted are inclusive of all taxes.

We do ask for extra time if we need it in order to deliver a quality job.

When the job is finished, you will be asked if you are 100 % happy with the work done.